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What does the word "unleavened" actually mean ? If you divide the word into 2 parts :
un - leavened, the prefix "un" means"without" and "leaven" refers to the yeast usually used to make bread rise.
Therefore, Unleavened Bread is a bread made solely from wheat flour and water, without yeast.

Up-to-the-minute technology, security and an optimum level of hygiene are the 3 vital components which allow us to offer you a truly authentic and natural Unleavened Bread. With the greatest respect to tradition, we have reproduced the methods of making this product, which is, after all, one of humanity's most ancient breads.
The tradition of Unleavened Bread goes back to the time of the Hebrews. At the time of their rapid exodus from Egypt, the Hebrews had no choice but to make their bread without the time to let it rise. This is how Unleavened Bread originally came about.
Thus, Unleavened bread, discovered by these Hebrews who wandered the Sinaï desert for 40 years, has satisfied man's need to eat since Antiquity.
Digestible, light and crispy, Unleavened Bread can also form the basis of a number of simple and nourishing dishes. It is extremely versatile and keeps for a long time. Try our organic Unleavened Bread, and rediscover the smell and taste of a very ancient tradition - of course in Antiquity, the wheat was "naturally" organic !