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Unleavened Bread, a delight for every palate !

Unleavened Bread, light, thin, and crispy, for every greedy gourmet ; as delicious with sugar as it is with salt, its delicate taste means it can accompany any dish without making the flavour any less wholesome. Our Unleavened Bread, made exclusively of carefully selected wheat flour and water, without added sugar, salt, fat or yeast, is also a tempting option for those health consious among us. Its dietetic qualities make it the ideal companion to those in search of a balanced diet.

For those of you who are looking for a completely natural bread, our Organic Unleavened Bread, made from wheat flour produced exclusively through organic farming, guarantees you a healthy and natural form of nourishment.
Unleavened Bread in all its forms :

- Made from wheat flour : it adds a crunch to your meals
- Organic : a healthy and natural bread
- Made with bran and wholemeal flour : it has a true cereal taste
- Pre-cut for easier eating
- In round, square, extra-thin or thick slices.....
- Plain, onion flavour, with sesame seeds.....and of course lightly grilled !